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Tim Hoar

An Update on Pediatric Alopecia Areata

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Alopecia Areata (AA) is a common, non-scarring autoimmune alopecia affecting both children and adults. AA is the third most common dermatosis in children and has a significant emotional impact on patients, particularly children.

Melasma Management: How I Do It

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Melasma is a common acquired disorder of hyperpigmentation which has a strong predilection for females and is more common in individuals with Fitzpatrick skin phototypes III-VI.

Hand eczema in the year 2021

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed our hand hygiene awareness and practices. Frequent handwashing or use of hand disinfectant have become far more common in our daily life and, though necessary to curb the spread of the virus, add further stress on our skin and skin barrier function.

The Era of IL-23: Introduction of Tildrakizumab

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Targeting the p19 subunit of interleukin (IL)-23 has been a major development in the management of plaque psoriasis because of the durable efficacy and safety of this mechanism of action.